Water Damage Photo Gallery

Air mover in closet

Drying After a Storm

Closet near the upstairs master bathroom sink over flown one morning. The family didn't notice till later that day when the oldest kid got home. Once the parents they got ahold of there insurance agent who had them call SERVPRO of Ames. We showed up within the hour with our extraction vehicles and professional drying equipment. The air mover above is one of many air moves put in place by our team. These moves are placed in a way that allows us to create a vortex to help the drying process. Call us for all your restoration needs at 515-233-4544  

Wet carpet

Wet Carpet

SERVPRO of Ames got a call about a busted pipe . We walked in to find the carpet was squishy and soaked. Immediately we began extracting water, and setting drying equipment. We were able to detach the carpet and dry it with a method known as "floating". This involves creating air movement over both the top and the bottom of the carpeting. Once all of the structure and carpet were dry, we were able to reattach the carpet and clean it, restoring it to even better than its preloss condition. Call SERVPRO of Ames with all your restoration needs at 515-233-4544

water damaged wood floor

This is what water does to your wood floor.

When water isn't removed immediately from wood floors, they buckle and become permanently damage, requiring replacement. Make sure you call SERVPRO of Ames immediately to extract water that's sitting on your floor so we can save them from needing replacement. 

water extractor pulling water out of carpet

We can save your carpet.

We use a state-of-the art rover water extractor to pull water up from the pad deep beneath carpet and saves both the pad and carpet from being destroyed. Give us a call right away if you have water damage in a carpeted area.

SERVPRO of Ames staff in disinfecting PPE

We take pathogens and contaminants seriously.

Whether it's mold caused by water damage, viral pathogens or air contamination from a fire, we take every precaution to restore your disaster safely. This includes using full-face respirators like Andrew and Nate are wearing for maximum protection.

water extractor on wood floor

We can save your wood floor.

Our water extractor dries the subfloor by pulling water up through your wood floor, which saves the floor from being destroyed by water damage. It's also fun to watch!