Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Next door fire

The fire next door

When the next door neighbor's house caught on fire an embers made it on and under the siding of the neighbors house. Fortunately they noticed quickly and was able to get it put out.

Burnt wall

Chard Wall

This scorched wall in a home in Ames we properly cleaned and sealed painted in a few short days, helping eliminate the smell of smoke in that room almost instantaneously.

room that has been cleaned and sealed for smoke damage

Properly Cleaned and Sealed Room After Fire

This scorched room in Ames was properly cleaned and sealed in one day, helping eliminate the smell of smoke in that room almost instantaneously. Our customer was very happy with the results.

Scorched basement wall from house fire

Scorched Basement

This scorched basement in Ames was the result of a fire on the upper floors that affected the basement. It took us one day to remove all of this drywall and make it ready to fix.

fire damage in a residential kitchen

Residential Kitchen Fire

A fire broke out on the stovetop in this home, leaving significant damage to the kitchen. We cleaned and restored the entire kitchen to its original condition so it looked, "Like it never even happened."

Lawn mower burned up sitting on grass

Mower Fire

When fires happen at home, they don't always happen in the home. Make sure that all of your machinery is up to date and maintained properly so that you can avoid a catastrophe. 

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